palm sunday

“HOSANA TO THE SON OF DAVID”Triumphant entry of Jesus into Jerusalem Processional Gospel : Mark 11:1-10 First Reading :Isaiah 50:4-7 Second Reading :Philippians 2:6-11 Gospel Reading:Mark 14:1-15:41    *With Palm Sunday, we begin the Holy week celebrations.Today we celebrate Jesus’ entry into Jerusalem city to accomplish Pascal Mystery. The memorial of the event is celebrated during Holy Mass with blessings of palms and procession. Gospel from St. Mark gives us a glimpse of the events of that day when Jesus entered Jerusalem before the Pascal Feast. Thousands of people were in the city. Jesus started His journey from the village of Bethsaida. He sat on a  colt and entered the city with people shouting “Hosana to the Son of David”. Jesus thus openly acknowledged that he is indeed a humble King and the long awaited Messiah (the anointed one). By His triumphal entry, Jesus invites us to acknowledge Him as our Messiah and King.    *First reading is from the book of Isaiah. In this passage, Prophet Isaiah speaks of the suffering servant of Yahweh, one who in spite of sufferings and rejection, carries out his mission and totally trusts in the providence and guidance of the Lord God.    * Second reading is from St. Paul’s letter to Philippians. In this passage Paul reminds us that Jesus was indeed in the form of God. But He became human and He has humbled Himself and has been obedient unto death so that we all might be saved. He accepted death on a cross but the Father has made Him Lord of heaven and earth. He reminds us that humiliation, sufferings and death are necessary to enter into glory. “The Passion Narrative” Today’s Gospel reading is from St. Mark’s narration of the passion of Jesus. In the first part of the Gospel, we have the scene of Last Supper where Jesus instituted the Eucharist and gave Himself to His beloved disciples in the form of bread and wine.  In the second part, Jesus prays at the garden of Gathsemene, where he was deeply disturbed. There he was betrayed by Judas Iscariot and later was denied by Peter. In the third part, Jesus is condemned to die on the cross by Roman Governor Pilate because of the immense pressure of the Jewish authorities. When he was hanging on the cross, he was derided and ridiculed. At the point of death of Jesus, a Roman soldier made a profession of faith in the crucified son of God. This Holy week gives us an opportunity to look at our own lives. We must accept our sins. Let us stop blaming circumstances and other people. What shines out from this dark week is the bright light of Christ’s love for us.  LET THE PASSION STORY INSPIRE US TO TRY IN OUR OWN WAY TO IMITATE CHRIST CRUCIFIED. “Palm Sunday tells us that … it is the cross, that is the true tree of life.” – Pope Benedict XVI “Ride on, ride on in majesty. In lowly pomp ride on to die. O Christ thy triumph now begin O’er captive death and conquered sin” – Henry H Millman.